Corrections Reloaded: News tech for a time-tested method to build trust with your readers!

Hear from entrepreneurs building new tools to manage corrections and reader feedback in ways that improve reader trust.

How can you build trust with your audience when trust in the news media is at a historic low by focusing on the corrections process? One zone is to improve the way you manage corrections and feedback from your audience. Professor and entrepreneur Paul Glader will talk about the VettNews Cx tool and best practices with corrections. Professor and entrepreneur Dan Gillmor will talk about the tool he is building and testing. Past SPJ president Lynn Walsh of TrustingNews will talk about how these approaches fit with best practices on building reader trust.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Lynn Walsh (@lwalsh)
    Assistant Director, TrustingNews
  • Paul Glader (@PaulGlader)
    Founder of Vett Inc. /, Vett Inc. /