Make Submissions to the ONA24 Suggestion Box

ONA24 Suggestion Box

Submissions for the Suggestion Box and Meetups are now closed. The submission period was March 21 through April 12, 2024. We hope to still see you in Atlanta as an attendee! Register here.

The ONA24 Suggestion Box is the opportunity for ONA members, online news journalists and the general public to make public submissions of ideas for our annual conference, running Sept. 18-21 in Atlanta.

For reference, there were two ways for you to participate for ONA24:

Session Pitch Submissions

For much more information on the Suggestion Box process, see our ONA24 Suggestion Box Guide.

View the Suggestion Box Guide

Please Note: ONA24 is an entirely in-person event in Atlanta. All sessions will be conducted and attended in person and all speakers must be in-person to present.

Share A Meetup Idea With ONA

For ONA24, we are also seeking ideas for meetups. More informal than typical conference sessions, meetup blocks will run in the afternoons of conference programming on Thursday, Sept. 19, and Friday, Sept. 20, offering opportunities for attendees of shared backgrounds, experiences, work roles, communities, or interests to develop connections and discuss specific topics in a casual, open, conversational environment. Attendees may want to attend one meetup for the entire meetup schedule block, or travel between several different meetup rooms at any time.

Attendees tell us one of the best parts of any ONA annual conference is the opportunity to “find your people” and meet others who share, or challenge, your experiences. If you’d love to get a group of folks together in a room and have a free exchange of ideas, here’s your chance! Meetup idea submissions are also now closed. The submission period was March 21 through April 12, 2024.