ONA24 Sponsor FAQ

This page will be updated with additional information over time. New information will be flagged to sponsors by email.

ONA24’s exhibiting space, the Midway, will be located in Regency Ballroom on the Ballroom Level of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The Midway’s opening will coincide with ONA24’s Welcome Reception, inviting all attendees to mingle throughout the exhibiting space and adjacent areas, including the patio by the pool. ONA is planning for other touchpoint opportunities in the Midway space throughout the exhibiting period.

Wednesday, Sept. 18 — Midway Open at the Welcome Reception: 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 19: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 20: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Please note that times are subject to change.

Lounges outside of Centennial Ballrooms and Grand Hall: Tuesday: 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Midway Exhibitors in Regency Hall and Terrace Foyer lounge: Wednesday, Sept. 18, 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

ALL SPACE BREAK DOWN: Friday, Sept. 20, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Please note that times are subject to change.

Sponsors will receive instructions on how to register their allotted ONA24 passes via the sponsor information portal.

Each sponsor is responsible for ensuring that its allotted passes are assigned and registered by the deadline specified in the instructions. All allotted passes must be used and registered for ONA24. Unused passes will not be carried over to future events.

All passes included in ONA24 sponsorship packages are full passes. Please consult your individual sponsorship agreement for the number of full passes your package provides.

These passes allow access to all general ONA24 events taking place at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Sept. 18-21, 2024. The OJA luncheon is not included with these passes and may be purchased separately.

Additional staff or guests who would like to attend ONA24 beyond your package-allotted tickets will need to register separately. ONA is offering confirmed sponsors the option to purchase a maximum of two (2) discounted tickets, designed for staff needed in exhibiting spaces, at $275/each. Details to come.

For any staff or guests planning to only be onsite for a single day, ONA offers day pass registrations for $175.

Please note: No unregistered individuals will be allowed entry to any ONA24 events, regardless of affiliation or reason, and we will not sell passes in person on-site in Atlanta. Please confirm that all staff or guests in your exhibiting space, participating in your sponsored program or event, or otherwise on-site at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta as part of ONA24 are registered for the event.

No. All speakers or participants in any sponsored session/workshop/meal/reception/event, including Midway Programming, will need to be registered for ONA24 to participate.

You may choose to cover the speaker’s pass through your package allotment, one of your group’s (maximum of) two discounted passes or purchase a ticket at cost.

ONA is offering confirmed sponsors the option to purchase a maximum of two (2) discounted full conference passes at $275/each. Details to come.

For any staff or guests planning to only be onsite for a single day, ONA offers day pass registrations for $175.

Yes. Booth staff are considered conference attendees and are each required to register for the conference.

You may choose to cover conference passes through your package allotment, your group’s (maximum of) two discounted passes or purchase passes at cost.

ONA is offering confirmed sponsors the option to purchase a maximum of two (2) discounted tickets, designed for staff needed in exhibiting spaces, at $275/each. Details to come.

For any staff or guests planning to only be onsite for a single day, ONA offers day pass registrations for $175.

Unless otherwise noted, ONA24 sponsor packages include a 10’x10’ standard exhibiting space (including back and side rail drape, booth ID, 6’ skirted table, 2 chairs and 1 wastebasket) in Regency Ballroom, the main exhibit and Midway area on the Ballroom Level of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, with shared electric access. If you prefer not to use your allotted booth space, please email Bill at bill@journalists.org to let him know by Aug. 1, 2024.

Space assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and also based on your sponsorship type or package. Booth/tabletop numbers will be shared in August. Please email hanaa@journalists.org with any questions.

An average of 90% of attendees visit the Midway each year! You may use the space as you choose: make staff available to talk to attendees, create a demo space or leave it unhosted but provide information (i.e., signage, business cards, handouts) about how to connect with you on-site and/or after the conference ends. Email Hanaa at hanaa@journalists.org to talk through best practices and your plans.

Alliance Exposition is our conference decorator and can provide rental furniture and/or material handling for the in-person exhibit space in Atlanta.  They can be reached at ExhibitorAssistance@alliance-exposition.com.

Encore will supply rental A/V equipment, including monitors, for booths and lounges, and Encore’s ordering form will be available in the Alliance portal.

More detailed information to come.

For any groups planning to purchase items to outfit your exhibiting space, we encourage you to consider donating them post-show. Since 2017, ONA has given a greater purpose to such goods by identifying a local charity in each event host city that would benefit from having items such as furniture, AV equipment and decorations donated.

Groups ONA has supported:

  • ONA17, DC: A Wider Circle, which supports people transitioning from homelessness
  • ONA18, Austin: SAFE Austin. Our donations helped complete their new Eloise House, where survivors receive support and forensics testing after a sexual assault, and refresh their group support space for youth survivors.
  • ONA19, New Orleans: Ozanam Inn. Our donations helped update the living space at the shelter, including the monitors and computers in their employment training area, and were also used to support those transitioning into permanent housing.
  • ONA22, Los Angeles: East Los Angeles Women’s Center. Our donations were used to help furnish 25+ apartments for newly transitioning families.
  • ONA23, Philadelphia: Bethesda Project. Our donations were used to help furnish shelters and transitional housing.

With some limitations, you are welcome to offer food and beverage options at your table using the Hyatt Regency Atlanta’s food and beverage service. Contact lauren@journalists.org to discuss your idea and to be directly connected to the hotel to see a current menu and make your order.

Yes. Unless otherwise noted, exhibiting spaces will be provided shared access to a 10 amp electric drop and power strip that will allow you to plug in a few items at a time (e.g., a laptop, monitor and a phone). You may not use your own extension cords or power strips. If sharing power is not something that works for your needs, please email lauren@journalists.org to discuss options.

Yes. Wifi will be available to all attendees, including sponsors. Given that it is a shared resource, if being online is a critical part of your booth experience, please make sure you have an offline version that you can share if necessary until the connection is reestablished, or consider using a hotspot.

There is extremely limited storage space at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta for Exhibitors/Sponsors available on a first-come, first-served basis. Small boxes and materials can be kept under your table, but we do not recommend that anything be left on tables in the Centennial, Terrace, or Grand Hall foyer spaces The Hyatt Regency Atlanta will lock Regency Hall following exhibiting hours, and ONA will provide overnight security for exhibit spaces and lounges located outside of Regency Hall. ONA and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta are not responsible for any theft or damage.

Security will be on-hand 24 hrs./day while the exhibiting spaces are present, starting Tuesday, Sept. 17 with set up and ending the evening of Friday, Sept. 20 after breakdown. ONA and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta are not responsible for any theft. Please use your best judgment for storing valuables, and consider bringing things of value to your personal room.

We will share updated attendee lists with event sponsors at several points prior to the start of the conference and after it concludes. The list contains names and affiliations; we do not share any contact information, including email addresses or mailing information. We kindly request that you refrain from any pre-show mass mailings to this list.

In response to partner feedback, ONA has contracted with ExpoLogic to provide lead retrieval options for exhibitors at ONA24. ExpoLogic is offering two options: access to the LeadPod Pro app and a battery-powered, hand-held badge reader called LeadKey. Additional details will be available in the sponsor information portal.

As a digital media organization, we have been reducing our paper use at all events. We will use the conference website and app to provide the agenda, map and other event details. Interested in online advertising? Contact bill@journalists.org for more information.

The primary purpose of these ONA24 virtual booths is to provide an easy-to-access spot for attendees to learn about your group. You will add the information about your group through the ONA24 event platform sponsor portal. Check out the archive of ONA23’s event website for examples.

Alliance Exposition is the conference decorator and can provide material handling and/or rental furniture for the in-person exhibit space in Atlanta. You will receive an email from them with personal information about accessing the conference ordering portal. This email will come from this address: ExhibitorAssistance@alliance-exposition.com

ONA24 will be hosted at:

Hyatt Regency Atlanta Downtown

265 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 US


Make your reservation

We strongly encourage attendees to reserve their rooms as soon as they can. In the past, room blocks have sold out months in advance of the conference, often well before Early Bird registration closes.

Room Rate: $215.00/night (plus fees and taxes)

Deadline to Reserve Your Room: Wednesday, August 21 (or sellout date, whichever comes first)

For group reservations of 10 or more being held by one credit card, please contact Heidi Gohlinghorst, heidi.gohlinghorst@hyatt.com.

Exhibitor/Attendee Housing Scam Notice

Please note: You may receive calls and/or emails from companies claiming to be an agent of, or associated with, ONA and offering discounted room rates. We do not have a relationship with any of these companies. All bookings should be made directly with our host hotel using the details above. You can read the full details about this issue here.

Accessibility Information

We consider many accessibility questions when considering a host hotel and planning our programming. We’ve compiled a detailed explanation of what to expect in terms of accessibility on-site.

The Online News Association prohibits all forms of suitcasing, defined as the act of company representatives coming to an in-person or online event without purchasing an exhibitor booth or sponsorship with the primary intent to solicit new business or sell products and services to attendees. The annual conference is ONA’s signature event, and the proceeds allow us to provide accessible learning, training and networking opportunities year-round. The conference allows us to carry out our mission to inspire and support innovation and excellence in journalism.

ONA’s events have been the launching pads for countless new partnerships, opportunities and experiments over the years. To be clear, this does not prohibit attendees from engaging in respectful networking or exploring potential collaborations with other attendees, exhibitors or sponsors. Attendees are encouraged to make connections and discuss shared interests or projects that could lead to mutually beneficial partnerships or collaborations.

Any questions may be directed to hanaa@journalists.org.