Mark Little

Mark Little is a media entrepreneur and technology leader with expertise in online trust and safety. He was the CEO of Kinzen, which used a blend of AI and human expertise to protect public conversations from online harms such as violent extremism, dangerous misinformation and hate speech. Kinzen was acquired by Spotify in 2022 where Mark is now head of Product Safety Strategy. Before co-founding Kinzen, Mark was Twitter’s Vice-President of Media Partnerships in Europe. In 2009, Mark founded Storyful, the world’s first social news agency. Storyful developed newswires for technology platforms and news publishers, and pioneered groundbreaking standards for verification on social media. Storyful was acquired by News Corporation in 2013. Mark started his career as an award-winning journalist. He spent 20 years working for RTÉ., and served as a news anchor, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, and Washington Correspondent.