Eric Carvin

  • Director of Social Newsgathering
  • NBC News

Eric Carvin is the director of social newsgathering at NBC News, where he oversees a global team of reporters who help power storytelling across NBC’s many news platforms by finding, verifying and reporting on photos, videos, information and sources that are circulating on the social web.

Eric has focused on social journalism for more than a dozen of his 28 years in the news business, developing particular expertise around social newsgathering and the debunking of online misinformation.

Before joining NBC in 2021, Eric spent more than two decades at The Associated Press, most recently overseeing the AP team that fact-checked questionable claims and visual content that circulated online. In his previous role, as AP’s global news manager for digital newsgathering, Eric led AP’s global efforts to find, authenticate and clear distribution rights for user-generated visual content and news tips that would benefit the AP news report.

Eric also took up the cause of social newsgathering ethics, including through work as an Online News Association board member, urging the news industry to prioritize on the safety and well-being of social media users and the journalists who interact with them.

Among his previous AP roles, he edited U.S. news copy, served as the overnight supervisory editor, headed up social media for the newsroom, and was the news editor for asap, an experimental, multimedia news service that existed within AP early in his career.

Eric lives in New York with his wife — a pioneering research scientist in the study of children’s developing brains — along with two energetic kids and an occasionally energetic cat. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and foraging for edible plant life along the way.