AI Tools Showcase (Midway Programming)

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Five members of the ONA23 Start-Up Alley demo tools to show how AI can benefit your day-to-day work:

  • Legitimate streamlines your workflow as a journalist
  • Open Origins verifies the authenticity of your pictures and video
  • YESEO assists with SEO best practices
  • Stylebot simplifies your newsroom's style guide needs
  • JournoDAO will highlight other existing generative AI tools of particular benefit to reporting in news deserts

Come to learn more about these tools and stay for a bigger conversation about what's to come in the generative AI world of journalism tools.

This session is part of ONA23's curated Midway Programming.


Gerard Donnelly
Co-Founder and CTO, Legitimate
@gdonnelly82Visit Website

Ari Abelson
Head of Strategy and Partnerships, OpenOrigins

Laura Davis
Founder and CEO, Stylebot
@lauraelizdavisVisit Website

Eric Mack
Co-Founder, JournoDAO
@ericcmackVisit Website


Hanaa Rifaey
Partnerships, Online News Association