Sarah Patterson

  • Senior Director of Publishing
  • McClatchy

Sarah is passionate about managing teams, building relationships throughout an organization, and combing through data so that we can give readers the best experience possible. As the Senior Director of Publishing, she works with newsrooms, product, supply chain and other departments to make smart decisions about eEdition and print operations as well as grow and develop the digital audience.

She loves projects - whether leading or a part of the team. Present her with a thorny problem, and I’ll find the right people to put together a solution and take us through the completion of that solution. Reflecting on what was learned so that gets apply that to the next solution is a key part of the process.

She's constantly looking for ways for the team to ensure that a reader’s experience with the news organization is positive. She has a track record of balancing best practices for reader trust, thinking through the experience of using a product, and the day-to-day practice of journalism. She's also a believer that every problem has a solution, we just need the right people to figure it out.

Sarah lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Jeff, and cocker spaniel, Pumkin.