Paris Brown

  • Associate Publisher
  • The Baltimore Times

Paris M. Brown currently serves as the Associate Publisher of The Baltimore Times where she brings over 20 years of business development talents to the position. She continues to lead her team towards a digital first workflow. Brown has worked to increase digital revenue sales with the use of digital campaigns, selling integrated solutions, and growing digital assets, all while continuing to grow the audience with the help of her team.

Under her leadership, The Baltimore Times has enjoyed a growing social media presence and influence and increased audience engagement. Over the past two years, the paper has increased its city-wide event-related partnerships, designating the paper as the official print media partner for the last three city-wide events. The newsroom has worked to increase the full utilization of its assets, including creating a new revenue stream by marketing its newspaper boxes as billboards.

With the help and support of The Baltimore Times team, Ms. Brown develops initiatives and creates programs that support the newsroom’s foundational pillars and strengthen community relationships. She believes collaboration and partnerships have been key to The Baltimore Times’s success and longevity. The Baltimore Times was established to promote “Positive Stories about Positive People.” Thirty-eight years later, this motto continues to guide the newsroom’s selection of stories, events, and programs. Improving the quality of life of its readers, followers and subscribers remains its overarching mission, whether through stories and/or events.

Prior to this position, she served in various marketing and sales positions, including Communications and Interior Design Manager for IKEA Baltimore and National Sales Director for Design South Africa, Department of Industry and Trade for the Republic of South Africa

She serves on the National Marketing Committee of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and the Board of Directors of the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association (MACPA).