Michelle Baker

  • Associate Producer
  • LWC Studios

Michelle Baker is an associate producer at LWC Studios, where she contributes across several key areas, including audio and video production, marketing, ad operations, platform management, and by administering Podcasting, Seriously education and community-building efforts, which include a newsletter, video-on-demand series and an awards fund benefiting independent audio producers in four countries. As an associate producer, Michelle produces virtual-studio sessions with hosts and guests, and aids in production across subject areas like politics (Democracy Decoded) and pop culture (Trials to Triumphs), history (Still Paying the Price), and equity (70 Million). As the ad ops lead, Michelle coordinates ad placements across all original LWC Studios shows, working with multiple ad agencies. She is also the team lead in all video-related matters, including developing strategies for shows, conceptualizing video content, directing and editing, script writing, and publishing.